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Special Problems (Active):
Syllabus (DOCX) of requirements to obtain a letter grade for students pursuing an independent special problems for course credit. Please read carefully before signing up or filling out the required paperwork.

Project-based Courses (Inactive):
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
Mobile Apps and services
Students are encouraged to obtain IACUC certification within the first weeks of the semester.

CS 8803: Computer-Mediated Animal Interaction (Inactive):
This course explores the possibilities of enabling and enhancing human-animal communication with technology. It covers the latest research in animal cognition, as well as training techniques, beginning with operant conditioning. The course typically includes field trips to animal-centered facilities, such as the Georgia Aquarium (with a lecture by a marine mammal specialist), the Atlanta Zoo, Top Hat Dressage (consulting with a top Dressage horse trainer), Noah's Ark (a rescue center for exotic animals), and Jackson DogSport (with a lecture by a noted dog agility trainer). Students design and implement an interface that facilitates interaction with the animal(s) of their choice.